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MSc Forest and Ecosystem Sciences (FES)

The Georg-August-Universität Göttingen offers the MSc programme Forest and Ecosystem Sciences with the international degree Master of Science (M.Sc.).

The study contents of the new MSc programme Forest and Ecosystem Sciences provide hands-on approaches to tackle burning current issues such as global change, climate warming, land use change, species loss and biodiversity treats. The studies cover ecosystems analysis and modelling with in-dept training in advanced programming, data analysis as well as theoretical ecology and practical conservation management. Research-based training on terrestrial ecosystems function from molecules to landscape level and laboratory methods in ecosystems sciences and sustainable management of tropical and international forests where students together prepare an interdisciplinary management plan on-site. Throughout their studies, students will take part in cutting- edge research activities on these topics in an interdisciplinary and international environment.

Looking at the forest and forest ecosystem from various perspectives:

  • Ecosystem Analysis and Modelling (EAM)
  • Ecosystems Sciences (ES)
  • Tropical and International Forestry (TIF)

– you can specialise in one of these three foci as your individually chosen forestry topic.


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