Students project abroad

Student project

During the 3rd semester (winter term), an interdisciplinary student project is conducted, usually abroad. In the past, for example, the project took place in the Philippines and students made a forest management plan for a lowland Dipterocarp Forest and exotic plantations.

Students are involved in the project preparations. They are supposed to manage a lot of aspects of the project planning, like financial matters, room and flight booking and establishing contacts in the host country. Moreover, students need to collect information and facts about the project region for fieldwork preparation in advance, like botany of species, silvicultural methods in the region, climate data, forest policy and law, culture of people and socio-economic aspects.
Students are usually abroad for field work for about one month, supervised by professors from the faculty. They meet officials from partner universities and institutions, in the municipality and they have talks with experts from GIZ and other organisations. Normally, they also visit some forestry projects in the region. Later on, students work in gropus on forest inventories and mapping and interview local village people.
Back in Germany, students prepare a forest management plan and a report as group work which is then represented.

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