Financial Requirements

Financial Requirements

Students are admitted to the MSc programme on the condition that they obtain a scholarship or bring their own financial support.
Several scholarship opportunities for this programme can be found on this website. Please apply for a scholarship separately and according to the application requirements of each scholarship programme.

If you finance the studies yourself, please consider following hints:
- you can only get a student visa if you have a certain amount (8.040 €) for the first year on a secured bank account (the embassy will ask for proof)
- you should have at least 700 € per month for accommodation, food, health insurance and personal needs
- semester fee is about 300 € (universities in Germany are subsidised by the federal states)
- for the student project field trip, you are expected to pay a part of the costs: about 800 €
- you need a total amount of about 20.000 € to cover all costs of the MSc course mentioned before
- getting a job in Göttingen is rather difficult and depends on your visa status  - don't count on this opportunity for financing your studies
- bringing your family can be much more expensive (rent for family appartment, furniture, fees for kindergarten, health insurance etc.)

The University states:

"Particularly international students should note that it is not possible to study in Germany without sufficient financing. Often, international students will start their studies in Germany without having sufficient funds to last for the duration of their studies. Regrettably, many must break off their studies for this reason after a few semesters. To avoid such a situation, we urgently advise you to secure future funding for your studies well in advance."


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